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Adult Classes

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Prices are for 8 sessions. 

Our classes are designed to immerse students in art making, exploring subject matter, expressive forms, materials and techniques. We focus on assisting our students to imagine, plan and realise their ideas.

Classes start at $360 per term. Please check class details to find out what to bring or if there is an additional materials cost. In all classes students should bring an  A4 Visual Diary.

Adult classes are limited to 8 students. 

PAINTING,   $360

Under the guidance of an experienced tutor, you will l be introduced to fundamentals of painting with Acrylics. You  will explore styles of painting through discussion and exploration of material and subject matter.
At the end of the course, you will have an understanding of line, value, colour mixing and composition. You will have explored approaches to applying paint and mark making to continue developing your art practice.

What Materials to bring 
An  A4 visual diary 
Rags (lots!), 
Brushes  for acrylic (variety of sizes)  and a few hog bristle brushes
A palette knive
Acrylic paint 
Clear painting medium

Bring what you have, please use ‘artist’ quality paints. Inferior paints do not produce good results.  Choose “Structure” or Heavy Body” paints. (you can mix brands if necessary)

We recommend  A2 Chroma (also called Atelier A2) when starting your artist’s journey  These are great quality for the serious student at a great price point.

Artist quality paints we recommend. Atelier Interactive,  Matisse Derivan- Structure,   Golden-Heavy body, Liquidex- Heavy body

You will need the following colours:

Cadmium Red
Quixonachrome Magenta or  Alizarin Crimson
Pthalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue 
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Yellow Deep 
Titanium White
Burnt Umber

EXPERIMENTAL PRINTMAKING $375 (includes a materials/ paper pack)

Under the guidance of an experienced tutor, you will learn experimental printmaking techniques.  You will explore a variety of materials for mark making, ways to use traditional and non-tradition paper and printing surfaces.

At the end of the course, you will have an understanding of composition, line, and colour. 

What Materials to bring 
An  A4 visual diary 
Rags (lots!)
Disposable gloves (well fitting)


Under the guidance of an experienced tutor, you will explore a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials.  You will learn which tools and equipment to use and techniques to create a work that is well constructed both physically and aesthetically.
In classes visual diaries used to collect ideas, plan projects,  and develop a reference guide of your own.

What Materials to bring 
An  A4 visual diary
 After discussing your project ideas you will be advised of any materials you may require. 
 If you incorporate painting into your work, you may like to take advantage of our          affordable  painting kit.

For further enquires email
or call 0412 392 602 

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