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Winter School Holidays - The Wrap Up

 It was cold and wet in Sydney this winter school holidays but not in Hut 41d. As we learn to live with Covid-19 and stay Covid Safe we saw our student numbers begin to rise. It was such a joy to meet all our participants and some of their parents/guardians. Parents have taken advantage of the Service NSW Parent Vouchers and the Creative Kids Voucher. This is great news all round.  We can't wait for the Spring School Holidays. Keep an eye out for our schedule. We will endeavour to get it out around week 6 of term 3.  Warm Regards, Tarn and Lisa.


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Inspired by stained glass windows, L aged 7, has planned and created this pony painting. Taking time to arrange ideas and organise materials before realising the final art work is an important and transferable skill.  Children often rush their work because adults rush them. Let's give them time to learn and enjoy the process.  Here L has also learned about colour mixing and values, composition, brush techniques.    ...and had fun doing it.

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