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More news to share

Next Month the Assemblage Sisters will begin an exciting Artist in Residence program at Guardian Early Learning- Barangaroo . We will kick off  the program with a workshop for the wonderful and motivated educators. In subsequent weeks we will work with children developing observational skills through student centred experiential learning. We are counting the sleeps....

The Assemblage Sisters at Addi Road

2018 Burwood Girls High School@ Addi Road We are pleased to announce that in 2019 we will be collaborating with the Living Museum team at the Addison Road Community Centre to develop exciting content and provide curriculum based workshops for schools and vocational education. Take a look at their website for more information.   Student Tours & Workshop 2 018 Burwood Girls High School @ Addi Road


The Assemblage Sisters are professional artists, each with an independent studio practice. We work together to offer workshops and programs for a wide clientele. Assemblage is not just about making. It is a way to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings. It involves mathematics, science, mechanics and engineering.  We focus on the process. We encourage students to experiment and to challenge their understanding of Art and the world around them. We are experienced sustainability educators. Sure we can tell you which bin to put it in but we can also discuss the selection of art materials and their aesthetic and physical properties and the implications of creating waste for arts sake. Sustainability is a complex topic. We encourage students and teachers to explore the challenges of balancing social, economic and environmental concerns in their art practice Take a look around our site and let us know how we can help you.