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Artists in Residence


Our Artist in Residence program runs for a minimum of six weeks. Each week one of our artists visits the group for a 2 hour session. We begin the program by taking a look at materials and tools, creating a visual diary, sharing ideas, and completing fun drawing and construction exercises useful for the assemblage artist.

During the program students are likely to meet all the Assemblage Sisters. We like to play to our strengths and our special interests so students can make the most of what we have to offer.

Pre-schoolers exploring mark making with 
ink and charcoal
Each week students will work on their individual or collaborative projects with the guidance of the Assemblage Sisters.  In the Early Learning context we encourage exploration and play in all that we do. We assist students to choose materials and guide them in the use of appropriate tools and techniques.

In the final session students will display their work and make final entries in their visual diaries. We encourage students to fill their diaries with drawings, photographs, images from magazines, and any items they find interesting that can be glued down.  This could include work they have done with their educators in between visits from the Assemblage Sisters.

Topics and Focus

Year 6 students Collaborative Assemblage
 inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson
You can choose one of the existing Assemblage Sisters workshops as a basis for the Artist in Residence program or we can discuss specific topics, skills and styles you wish to address with your group. We are equally happy with an open-ended approach. We believe strongly in student centred learning and will always take our cue from the students.

We do ask you to provide us with any information that will assist in creating a rounded program. For example, the books students are reading, music they are listening to, and excursions and incursions they have recently attended. 

We provide teachers with links to classroom materials that can be used prior to our visit. These may include information on tools and techniques we will be using and background information on artists whose work is indicative of  a particular style, art movement or technique. 


The Assemblage Sisters are experienced sustainability educators. Sure we can tell you which bin to put it in but we can also discuss the selection of art materials and their aesthetic and physical properties and the implications of creating waste for arts sake.

Sustainability is a complex topic. We encourage students and teachers to explore the challenges of balancing social, economic and environmental concerns in their art practice. 

Additional Information

Workshop safety is everyone's responsibility.  The Assemblage Sisters take safety seriously. We teach students of all ages how to establish and maintain a safe and functional workspace. We also adhere to a strict rule of  "You made the mess you clean the mess". 

For more information make a booking enquiry today .  

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