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Cosmic Mark Making

This beautiful collaborative work from the preschoolers at Guardian Learning Barangaroo consists of chalk rubbings and leaf prints. An added treat was the affect of the light as we hung the work on a very sunny window. Children work on their motor-skills as they make rubbings, holding the paper in position while finding the correct pressure to pick up the relief pattern.

Assemblage Couture Workshop

A cross-curriculum approach to Textile Technology. Critical and Creative Thinking    Ethical Understanding    Sustainability  Difference and diversity    Work and enterprise In this workshop students create their own couture from found objects including salvaged clothes, fabrics, haberdashery. discuss aesthetics, symmetry and explore the potential of reuse. Visit our Pinterest Board Assemblage Couture  for some inspiration

Ink Blots and Charcoal Dots

This week the Assemblage Sisters began our Artists in Residence program at Guardian Learning Barangaroo. Led by Lisa Bergan, the children created ink blots and charcoal markings. As it was our first day we started by meeting and working with children from 0 -preschool age. Rather than attempting to complete a work in one sitting, the children will be introduced to different materials, tools and techniques adding layers to their work in subsequent weeks.

Loving this. Our new partners Addi Road