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Early Learning Centres

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Artists in Residence

Workshop Facilitator:  Tanya Ljubic WWC0061143E

Designed to give flexibility to learners & educators
  • Our program is designed to immerse students in art-making, exploring subject matter, expressive forms, materials and techniques.
  • Each week one of our artists visits the group for a 2-hour session. 
  • We start by discussing specific topics, skills and styles you wish to address with your group. 
  • We are equally happy with an open-ended approach. We believe strongly in student-centred learning and will always take our cue from students’ needs and interests.
Availability and Scheduling
  • We are available for 4x ten-week cycles per year (In line with public school terms).  
  • We may be able to accommodate sessions outside these times. 
Group Size
  • Up to 20 students per visit (an additional fee applies for extra students)
  • Costs will vary according to the number of participants and materials required. 
  • Where possible we will use materials already available at your centre. We are committed to sustainable practice and will source reuse materials where appropriate and possible. 



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The process of making art. Lessons in life.

Inspired by stained glass windows, L aged 7, has planned and created this pony painting. Taking time to arrange ideas and organise materials before realising the final art work is an important and transferable skill.  Children often rush their work because adults rush them. Let's give them time to learn and enjoy the process.  Here L has also learned about colour mixing and values, composition, brush techniques.    ...and had fun doing it.

After school art classes

Summer Hill Community Centre Open Day

We love community events. We always meet so many lovely people. The crew at Inner West Council and the Summer Hill Community Centre we so welcoming. Thanks to all involved. We made Mandalas A big shout out to the Bill Crews Foundation for a cracking BBQ. The team at 3 Bridges were keen to get making. And a special mention to all the lovely families we met on such a beautiful day.