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Winter School Holiday Workshops

Monday July 13 - Friday 17 July 2020

Stirrup Gallery, The Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204

Whats On!

Monday         Mindfulness, Masks and Movement       Painting, Mixed Media

suitable for kids in grades K- 6

Creating art can be relaxing and therapeutic.  In this workshop students have the time needed to explore ideas and examine materials, techniques, tools and their surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. As we emerge from our Covid-19 Caves,  participants will explore the symbols and animal spirits that represent them. Using painting and mixed media they will complete some fun mixed-media activities and create elaborate masks displayed on staffs representing their inner animal spirit.  

Tuesday         Sculpting Nature       Sculpture

suitable for kids in grades K- 6

Whether we are observing and being inspired by nature or we are using nature as a source of sculpting materials, this workshop enables participants to let their imagination run wild. Participants will complete some fun mixed-media activities while learning  construction techniques.  With their new and refined skills and lots of inspiration participants will create their own nature-based sculpture.

Wednesday Dreamscapes, Moonscapes, Landscapes      Painting, Mixed Media

suitable for kids in grades K- 6

We all need perspective. Having been stuck indoors it is time to look to the horizon.  In this workshop participants will learn painting and mixed-media techniques, and basic principles of composition in order to represent a landscape, a moonscape or a dreamscape. We aim to help participants view their subject and their art making with fresh eyes, to be patient with themselves and the process, and focus on the pleasure of creating art. 

Thursday         Mechanical Sculptures      Sculpture & Design

suitable for kids in grades 3- 6

Inspired by the mechanical  and anatomical drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, in this workshop students create their own moving sculptures. Creating cams, cogs and spindles students explore some basic mechanical principles. Participants might make a bird that pecks or flaps its wings, a dancing figure, a carousel or an abstract sculpture. Participants will learn the construction techniques needed to create their own Da Vinci inspired sculpture.

Friday         Viking Village and long boats      Model making

suitable for kids in grades 3- 6

Join us on an epic saga working together to build a Viking village. Participants can make a long boat, an entire village, a fjord and ice-capped mountains. And of course, we will need to make some villagers. Participants are assisted with construction techniques that will build a strong, long-lasting creation. After we have photographed our village, participants will be able to take home the individual elements they have created.

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