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The Assemblage Sisters was founded in 2018 by Tarn Ljubic and Lisa Bergan.
We measure success not in dollars but in the depth of creative experiences.
A chance encounter can lead to great things. In early December 2018 Assemblage Sister, Tarn Ljubic, was part of a group exhibition, Upcycled at Stirrup Gallery, Marrickville. A visitor to the exhibition, appreciating the art work, asked Tarn if she was interested in Art education in an Early Childhood setting.
This encounter emboldened the Sisters and we quickly put our dreams of sharing our skills as Artists and Art educators into practice.
 We have been deeply gratified that recommendations from local artists have forged new partnerships in the local community. Balancing our work as practising artists and Art educators is important to us. Integrity and passion drive our work.

Tanya Ljubic 

Tarn’s art practice focuses on the contemporary use of traditional symbols, artefacts and techniques.  Her current studio research uses plastics, reused, moulded and manipulated.

Tarn has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (hons) from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Arts  (Politics and Slavonic Studies) from Macquarie University. She has completed Artist residencies in Spain and Portugal.

As a former teacher of ESL and Academic English at Macquarie University, Tarn brings her experience in syllabus and lesson design to our workshops.  She is an experienced sustainability and art educator teaching children and adolescents and providing professional development to teachers.

Lisa Bergan

A founding member of the Assemblage Sisters, Lisa's contribution has been invaluable. Lisa is currently employing her skills to explore new and exciting avenues of creativity, education and wellbeing.

Always an Assemblage Sister at heart Lisa will continue to join Tarn on special projects and events.



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